Ilya Schurov (RUS)

Ilya Schurov lives in St. Petersbrug, Russia. He was on 2014 at European Championship in Cliff diving – WHDF from 25 m and also second at Highjump races from 16m. He’s been diving already for 35 years. Ilya is a traditional racer of Cliff diving World grand prix, in which has been several times on the podium - it is one of the hot favorites races.


Genevieve Bradley (USA)

She is 24 years old and comes from Hawaii. She has been cliffdiving for 10 years. She started at high shool, loves adrenalin and she jumps off higher and higher heights. Hawaiian cliffs are paradise for cliffdivers and therefore it is her hobby to cliffdive with her friends. Her other hobbies are travelling, hitchhiking and baking and she loves to search for interesting places to watch sunsets, too.


Petra Smolikova (CZ)

This year´s High Jump will be her tenth already. She used to compete on the swing however she could not resist the adrenalin of jumping from the cliff. Under the bealt of her trainer, Lucie Absolonova, she has started to compete in 12 meters. Petra admits that year from year she has more respect towards heights.However the atmosphere at High Jump will no let her to go down in height. Besides cliff diving she is also a horse rider and of course she does not do anything else other than jumping with the horse. She is excited and looking forward to High Jump and she hopes that the audience will enjoy it and support her in the competition.


Aidan Heslop (UK)

Just a 14 year old youngster from England, Aidan Heslop is the future of cliff diving. It is unbelievable what kind of tricks this multiple junior champion of England can do. At last year´s High Jump he was one of the favourites of the crowd, and that is due to his amazing style and the difficult tricks that he was able to pull off. Aidan has recieved admiration from the world´s best and we will definitely hear about his this youngster in the future. It is amazing that this kind of talent will come to the Czech Republic.


Peter Roseney (CH)

The oldest competitor, who performs dives from 16 meters in his age of 69!! He has been interested in diving since 1961 and in 1967 became a champion of Austria in diving from 10 meters. Since then he was the champion of Austria and Switzerland several times. Since 1989 he has been interested in diving from 20 meters.


Owen Weymouth (UK)

As in previous years,this year is gonna bring you on of the top cliff divers in the world. It is a cliffdiver which has not been seen by Czech fans. He is a junior, Owen Weymouth and he is 17 years old. When he was 12 he jumped of a cliff for the first time and he has fallen in love with this sport. Last year at the european championship WHDF in Switzerland he finished in the top three in the junior category. This year he has set a goal for himself, and that is to be the youngest cliffdiver to jump from 27 meters. His goal is to compete in the prestige competition called Red Bull Cliffdiving series. This year´s junior category will be thrilling.


Alain Kohl (LUX)

He started with diving, when he was 7 years old. He is the holder of 25 Luxembourg titles. He was caught by cliff diving in 2002, nevertheless he used to dive just for fun. He was captivated by this sport so much, that he started to train and since 2006 he has been diving as a competitor. Since 2008 he has been a regular competitor of best races in Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series. Each dive is a new challenge for him and his favourite dives are from the height between 26 and 28 meters, because he can perform the most difficult dives from this height. And exactly from this height he will perform you at Highjump the exhibition of the most difficult dives of the world.


Jan Wilko Heinzel (D)

It´s going to be his 7th visit at High Jump. His personal record is a jump off 30 metres, which he showed at High Jump, too and this year he wants to break this record for you. He is Highdiving-Cliffdiving professional and loves adrenalin before he jumps. Jan is a member of the German National Splashdiving Team, so he is planning to show you some nice splash jumps which you like so much. He just loves cliffdiving and that is why he is reallly good at it – in the last three years he was among the three best cliffdivers at High Jump. It is for sure you will not overlook this guy at High Jump.


Andreas Hulliger (CH)

Andy Hulliger has taken over High Jump in the past two years. Therefore he is coming back to Hrimezdice this year so he can complete the golden hattrick, no one has ever done that. Andreas is cliff diver representing Switzerland and he has recently won European championship in cliff diving. Andy performs one of the hardest jumps out there which are extremely interesting for the audience.


Jacqueline Valente (BR)

Women are also part of today´s cliff diving. They are part of both Red Bull CliffdivingSeriers and Desperados High Jump. Beautiful Brazilian Jacqueline Valente is a regular competitor of all prestige competitions. Outside of the season Jacqueline takes part in exhibition shows. Jecqueline will compete at 12 and 16 meters at Desperados High Jump. Due to Jackqueline being part of Red Bull CliffdivingSeries we are almost certain she will take part in the 20 meter jump as well.


Laso Schaller (CH)

Laso Schaller from Switzerland is a regular participant of Desperados High Jump. However this year for the first time ever Laso will come to Hrimezdice as a world record holder. As not too long ago he has jumped from a height of 59 meters, which is a few meters higher than a jump from a well known Leaning Tower of Pisa. During the world record jump, Laso has hit the surface of the water in a speed of exceeding 120 Km per hour, which is unbelievable. At Desperados High Jump Laso will participate in the 12 and 16 meter category. However, regularly Laso after various persuasions also takes part in exhibition jumps from a platform, 30 meters high.


Christian "Elvis" Guth (D)

Christian started cliffdiving at the age of 5 when he was on holiday with his parents. He is a multiple world champion in splashdiving – in solo and synchronized jumps together with Felix Hirt. Today he is also a coach of German National Team. He holds world record in splashdiving – he jumped off the helicopter 43 metres high! And who else than this master could show you his best splashdiving tricks off 30 metres.