A new entry page
Tomáš Jechort
 As many of you know, Highjump will hold the 10th year of Highjump competition. For this anniversary I have made a new entry page on the web. You can also see all the 9 previous posters there. On every poster there is a no. to clarify the year it was made for. In case of interest I can make a screen saver with the image. Following up we are planing a completely new look of the web and a new web site. You really do have something to look forward to!!
Showing of Highjump video in Roxy FX club
Tomáš Jechort
 On 7th of November 2008 there will be a a showing of the video footage from the 9th year event of Highjump at Prague venue Roxy FX. You know the video from our web site but come anyway the atmosphere will be great! We will also show the Czech surf video. Entry is free, but watch out the capacity is limited.
The best video in the history!!
Tomáš Jechort
 At last its here! The best video in the Highjump history!: Events  - Xbox360 Highjump 2008 – Videos. The video was shot and cut by Aftermay. I have also added other videos. All together there is 6 videos from the contests:-).
A report from Highjump on Nova Sport TV
Tomáš Jechort
 Nova Sport TV channel will show a report from the competition Xbox306 Highjump 2008. The report will be shown on the 23.10 at 18.10. The whole report is 21 min long. It contains interviews, history of cliff diving, all in connection with this sport in Czech Republic, and much more.
Another lot of photos in the galery - Highjump 2008
Tomáš Jechort
 I have loaded the last lot of photos from the 9th year of Highjump. Till this day there is 160 photos from HJ 2008 on the web. The last photos are of the Saturday finals and results announcement. You can find all the photos in the galery: Events - Xbox360 Highjump 2008 - Photos.
Two new videos from previous competitions
Tomáš Jechort
 This year we will bring you a record number of videos. The first one was shot for Red Bull by Karkys. The second one will be brought to you by the Internet Stream.cz television in the popular programme Nekecej! 36th part - Highjump and the gay sisters. WATCH OUT! We are preparing the best video in the History of Highjump. It will be on the web soon. You can view the videos on this link: Závody - Xbox360 Highjump 2008 - Videa.
Report from Xbox Highjump 2008 competition
Tomáš Jechort
 I have big slice for you this week. For a start I loaded the competition report Xbox360 HIGHJUMP 2008.
As second I will publish the photo gallery and some other videos. You have something to look forward to, the videos and photos are worth looking at. This weekend we passed the marge of 150 000 visitors on our web! Thanks for your support!
An Interview with Michale Navrátil
Tomáš Jechort
 Like every year I have again prepared an interview for you. This time with our best jumper that has worked a lot on him self and jumps with the world top jumpers. How often does he train? And what is it like to enter the Highjump competition for the 7th time? You can read this and much more at: Events - Xbox360 Highjump 2008 – Interview.
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