Desperados Highjump 2015 - People
Tomáš Jechort
 Everyone wants to see himself: Highjump 2015 - People.
Introduction of a cliffdiver: Iris Schmidbauer (D)
Tomáš Jechort
 Another newbie, who is coming to Desperados High Jump this year. 21- year old cliffdiver from Germany loves free falls. Her personal record is a jump off 20 metres and we hope she is going to jump off this height at the exhibition, too. Last weekend she became the European champion in WHDF Cliffdiving in Switzerland. This year the female category is really very full of great cliffdivers! >> More info about High-divers
Introduction of a cliffdiver: Jan Bílý (CZ)
Tomáš Jechort
 This 26-year-old guy from South Bohemia has been doing cliffdiving since 2008 when he took part at High Jump event for the first time.. He fell in love with this discipline and since then he has not missed any year. Despite unsatisfactory training situation in the Czech Republic he succeeded in becoming one of the best cliffdivers in Czech as well as international competitions. Last year he qualified for WHDF European Championship but because of his shoulder injury he could not take part. After a year of hard training on domestic soil he is looking forward to this year´s High Jump, where he is going to show you how Czech guys jump. His other hobbies are cinema, longboarding and relaxing. >> More info about High-divers
Desperados HIGHJUMP 2015 - Program
Tomáš Jechort
 Complete program - Desperados HIGHJUMP 2015.
Introduction of a cliffdiver: Christian „Elvis“ Guth (D)
Tomáš Jechort
 Christian started cliffdiving at the age of 5 when he was on holiday with his parents. He is a multiple world champion in splashdiving – in solo and synchronized jumps together with Felix Hirt. Today he is also a coach of German National Team. He holds world record in splashdiving – he jumped off the helicopter 43 metres high! And who else than this master could show you his best splashdiving tricks off 30 metres. >> More info about High-divers
Introduction of a line-up band - Hentai Corporation
Tomáš Jechort
 Hentai Corporation was founded in 2005 and during their career they have gained the reputation of one of the craziest bands on the Czech club scene especially due to their inimitable live performance. They have released two albums - Fuck You Like A Chameleon (2008) and Dokktor Zaius (2011). In 2012 a single Neurol Machine followed and they made the biggest outcry with the first video clip to thein song Equilibristic Brides, which was released in October 2013. >> More informations
Introduction of a cliffdiver: Genevieve Bradley (USA)
Tomáš Jechort
 This year there is going to be loads of newcomers and one of them is this female cliffdiver from the USA. She is 23 years old and comes from Hawaii. She has been cliffdiving for 9 years. She started at high shool, loves adrenalin and she jumps off higher and higher heights. Hawaiian cliffs are paradise for cliffdivers and therefore it is her hobby to cliffdive with her friends. Her other hobbies are travelling, hitchhiking and baking and she loves to search for interesting places to watch sunsets, too. It is going to be her first trip to the Czech Republic, so we hope you will welcome her wholeheartedly. >> More info about High-divers
HIGHJUMP Camp 2015 Havirov
Tomáš Jechort
Introduction of a line-up band – Smack
Tomáš Jechort
 Smack or Smack One is one of the most progressive rapers of today. He is a pioneer of a grime rap in the Czech Republic, which helped him get among the fans. Smack owns a label Archetyp 51, at which he released his album called 2051 last year. The name of Smack´s last album as well as his output reflect the newest attitudes and trends in hip hop. >> More informations
Introduction of the diver: Ilya Schurov (RUS)
Tomáš Jechort
 Ilya Schurov lives in St. Petersbrug, Russia. He was second last year at European Championship in Cliff diving – WHDF from 25 m and also second at Highjump races from 16m.  He’s been diving already for 33 years. Ilya is a traditional racer of Cliff diving World grand prix, in which has been several times on the podium - it is one of the hot favorites races. More information in the link divers. >> read interview
Introduction of the diver: Peter Roseney (CH)
Tomáš Jechort
 The oldest competitor, who performs dives from 20 meters in his age of 68!! He has been interested in diving since 1961 and in 1967 became a champion of Austria in diving from 10 meters. Since then he was the champion of Austria and Switzerland several times. Since 1989 he has been interested in diving from 20 meters. More information in the link divers. >> More info about High-divers.
Introduction of a band from line-up – Sklizen
Tomáš Jechort
 One of the most favorite Czech reggae/dancehall singers with two DJs behind his back are going to Desperados High Jump to show that it´s also possible to mix their music style with modern dance music. Visitors will enjoy the best songs from CD Sklizeň 2011, 2012 and 2014 e.g. iconic hit Cocoman&Dr.Kary – Tak už to bal, Rollovy Lízátka and also songs from other project and by other bands, in which these interprets perform. For sure we are going to hear few new and until now unreleased songs and Cocoman´s very first song Jedna Láska or Kary´s dirty song Sedela u vody :). DJs Wilda Panda and Boldrik promise not only „gentle“ reggar/dancehall warmup but also „crazy“ electro/tropical afterparty! >> More informations
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